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The Proposal


… the one moment that defines the rest of your life.

… the one moment to take your breath away and make the world stop for a second. While you are waiting for an answer for what feels like an eternal second, you hope for it to be YES.

That is exactly why you want this moment to be perfect.

I am well aware of the proposal’s importance and want to help you to make it special. I will provide guidance – not only with your proposal ideas, I would also be happy to plan and organize this day with you so nothing can get in the way of a happy outcome.



You do have a lot of good ideas for your proposal but do not know how to put them into action? That’s what I am here for. Thanks to my knowhow and my experience, I know exactly what makes a successful proposal. What is even more important:

I am aware of what could go wrong. For this reason, I will be at your side to help with and advice you during the organisation and preparation your proposal and support you with its realization to make sure that your special endeavour will lead to a successful and happy engagement.

Whether you want to propose during a romantic gondola ride in Venice or on top of a Glacier – nothing is impossible with me at your side.

Let me know what you have in mind and together we will make your dreams come true.

What about a romantic proposal in Venice?


Worn out ideas and boring proposals are taboo – for me, the soon-to-be engaged couple’s personality is at the centre of attention. Together we will find the ideal proposal idea and make your engagement unique. We will find a perfect and above all individual way for you to proof your love. Your fiancé will not be able to say NO.

And this is how I plan to support you:

  • Finding an idea

  • Organising the needed service providers

  • Helping you buy the ideal ring

  • Choosing the right words

Romantic proposal – let us make this special day memorable.