Anything is possible if you believe in it and work hard for it. This motto has accompanied me my whole life, and it has always helped me to move forward and perform at my best. My company is named after my creed: Reach for the stars.

I wanted to learn from the best, so I took coaching sessions with some of the top wedding planners in the world. This really helped me to excel in my new profession. In my first year, I already planned several weddings, all of which were a great success.

In the meantime, I’ve been able to grow my business. Written in the Stars now focuses on luxury weddings & celebrations. Seeing my clients be blown away by my work is my reward. I know that I’ve made the right decision.

Als zertifizierte Hochzeitsplanerin in den Alpen bewege ich mich zwischen Tradition und Moderne, zwischen Stadtgeflüster und Alpenflair. Keine Hochzeit ist wie die andere, denn auch kein Brautpaar gleicht dem anderen. Ich höre mir Ihre Wünsche ganz genau an und setze sie mit meinem Team mit viel Liebe, Geduld und Perfektionismus in die Tat um.

We are on fire!


As a certified wedding planner in the Alps, I move between tradition and modernity, between city whispers and alpine flair. No wedding is like any other, because no bridal couple is alike.

I listen carefully to your wishes and put them into practice with love, perseverance and perfectionism. 

What makes me an excellent wedding planner? I’m a creative perfectionist with excellent communication skills and a high-spirited, optimistic personality. My attention to detail may cause frustration for friends and family at times, but my bridal couples can’t get enough of it.

Working with a dedicated team of experts allows me to provide first-class service on all levels.

Professionalism, empathy and fun at work are our top priorities. 

Written in the Stars.

Written in the stars. It is still written in the stars what your wedding will be like. One thing is for sure: On your big day, we will let you shine!

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We will let you shine

I listen carefully to your wishes and put them into practice with love, perseverance and perfectionism.

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